Take It Seriously… if you won’t, we wont.

I recently came upon the facebook presence of a local organization. I realize that dust doesn’t really collect on a web page, but in some ways it does. This page lacked any significant posts over the course of the past few months, leaving old posts (dated and time stamped) lying around with little activity (dust). in addition to this some of the hyperlinks linked to places that, it could be guessed, were supposed to go somewhere relevant, but someone hadn’t bothered to check. It was as if something useless was left lying around (clutter).

The whole page gave me a sense that someone, whoever was running it, wasn’t really doing their job. Items of little relevance were scattered about, and the dust was settling.

This brings up a good point, and I know I have at times been guilty of this. The presence of an entity, or brand online, is like being a crowded room. Everybody is moving about, interacting. When your page is left to settle in the dust, it’s like you haven’t changed clothes or showered in weeks. You have nothing new to say, and there is probably a stale smell around you.

Sit there long enough and not only will a lot of people stop paying attention to you, but you may attract the wrong crowd; Metaphoric kids with markets are likely to stop by and draw on you, and you won’t be able to stop them, because you’re not paying attention; you haven’t paid attention in months. Even your friends will ignore the random comments and jokes that prankster are free to write on you, because your friends have stopped checking up on you.

Ok, so I get a little metaphor happy. What I am saying though, is that a facebook of twitter page, a blog, or a website – or even a store front is part of what makes up your identity. When you stop paying attention and keeping things in order, your audience stops listening; and here is what you have to remember… We’re not going to come to you and say, “hey, shape up,” if we do, you’re very lucky, because it’s rare that your directly told even when your doing it right.

Non of that should discourage you. As a person, commercial entity, or public figure, whatever you are, you need to work your identity because it’s important to you. When you don’t care… why should we.


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