A Single Second

I went online today with the express intention of checking things out the local business administration’s web site – They’ve made a lot of improvements since I last looked. While exploring, I came across a link to Plow Creek Farm, at first glance I didn’t think much, but then a single big, blue sentence caught my attention…

“It’s Blueberry Season!”

And I thought, “Hey, someone is updating this!”

I then decided to have a look around the rest of the site.

Every second, that someone is looking at your site, that person’s brain (whether they are conscious of it or not) is taking every piece of information you’ve put up and they’re interpreting it (sometimes positively – sometimes not). Ambient Awarenes . No matter what you meant with your content, it can always be read differently and it can prompt action.

In the case of Plow Creek, I knew (in a single second) that blueberries were in season, I assumed (therefore, I KNEW) that Plow Creek sells blueberries, and I also knew that if I didn’t check back to the site, now and then, I may miss something. That Knowledge was enough for me to look at more of the site, and to write about it; I won’t say if I’ll be shopping Plow Creek, but I do love blueberries.

But the situation is not always so positive; i.e. Someone may look at your friend list and decide that you have too many, that and you’ll friend anyone and there won’t be a serious connection. Someone else may decide you have too few, thus you are in in trend enough, and thus not worth their time.

What are people reading when they read your content, and what does it tell them about you?
What does you friend count on your facebook page say about you? What does the Friend count on your LinkedIn page say about you?? What decisions are people making about you, in that one second?

Are you writing to your audience, or are you trying to please everyone?


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