Digital Design – Hanz & Ze Molemen

Project for HCI 402 Foundations of Digital Design Winter 2012

Tap your cane and adjust your vestments

This was a concert flyer design for my HCI 402 Foundations of Digital Design class in the winter of 2012.

I drew the Moleman on a post-it note over a year ago. It was a small character drawing inspired by the stories of Peter Cotton Tail and Joseph Conrad’s 1907 novel The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale. I intended to create an Edwardian Era atmosphere for the composition that would fit with the subject (Moleman) and the period the subject was based on. I researched Art Nouveau poster compositions. I originally copy/pasted a border from Alfons Mucha’s “Fruit” (1897) but it did not work with my intended layout and so I designed a new border, based on Mucha’s compositions; creating an arch and the window in the upper right corner. The Title fonts were taken from, as were the characters used for the wallpaper inlay.

The band is fictitious. Hanz & Ze Molemen are conceptually intended to be similar in style to indie folk rock groups (i.e. the Decemberists), though with a strong lean toward Robert and Richard Sherman’s “Portobello Road.” Brown was the conceptual color – I wanted the flyer to have the look and feel of old printing press paper, something found in the bottom of a dusty trunk found in a grandparent’s attic. The wallpaper was based on Victorian and Edwardian wallpapers and textiles that used two to three colors with detailed designs.

The Moleman fur was pulled from an online illustration and set in the wrong directions in order to create a more disheveled feel for the band’s icon.

The intended audience of this is made up mostly of hipsters with ironic pocket watches and tobacco smoking pipes bought off Etsy. The audience prides itself on not following the flashy colors and lights of mainstream media, but instead is drawn to something quietly ironic and exclusive. The composition is based on the idea that a reader will see a statement like “adjust your vestment” and will in interest adjust her Buddy Holly glasses, believing that she alone understands the subtle musical sophistication that the flyer suggests for the band.


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