Project: Internal Employee Access

The Internal Employee Access project sought to build a portal through which internal employees handling customer order management could gain visibility into customer orders.

Role: Lead UXA

Scope: Minimum Viable Functionality.

Requirements: Provide the user with visibility into the status of orders currently in pre-approval, orders currently in fulfillment, and orders that cannot be found between processes (potentially failed).

Users must be able to view high level information including; Date Created, Order Number, Total Line Items, Total Order Price, Order Status,  and Current Approver (Currently Submitted To)


Asset created by Andrew Wasowicz

Early work focused on understanding how Customers orders should be organized. Discover research suggested that a program centric view would be optimal. Due to scope constraints the project team settled on a order centered View.


Asset created by Andrew Wasowicz


Validation testing was done and several usability enhancements were added after the initial iteration. We found that users needed to search and filter by only certain criteria. Functionality and interaction of Search and Filter saw functional and visual improvements in the final iterations of the project.


Asset gathered from live site. Some information redacted

The final iteration has now seen strong positive reaction from users.


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