Project: Standardized Pricing

The Price Standardization Project attempted to align all contexts of price display across platforms including Web, Mobile App and Mobile Web.

Role: Lead UXA (Intern)

Scope: Multi-platform Alignment.

Requirements: Pricing across and within platforms displayed with little consistency because of several previous projects that focused tactically on individual pricing situations.

A singular set of guiding principles needed to be developed in order to provide a structure for all future work on pricing and the display. This had the additional benefit creating a price based guideline when future projects would alter the display of product information.


Asset created by Andrew Wasowicz

A general framework was developed to guide the display of price based on space and alignment restrictions. This was done after all instances of price display were located, catalogued, and analyzed for their strengths and weaknesses. Initial Iterations developed a basic bell curve pattern of pricing where less pricing information would be displayed at the beginning and end of the shop/buy flows and the greatest amount of information would be displayed within the core interactions of the flows.


Asset created by Andrew Wasowicz


Display improvement were recommended to decrease confusion between price related and non-price related elements. Several icons about the product were inconsistently proximal to price display. By moving these icons pricing was made clearer and different product display layouts become more consistant.

optimizespace and elements

Asset created by Andrew Wasowicz

The complete set of guidelines had the added benefit of informing UXAs developing the display for products to be able to anticipate the spacial requirements of pricing.


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